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Surplus/Used Semiconductor Equipment and OEM/2nd Source Spares Solutions

Justin BD&L, Inc. is providing you with surplus semiconductor equipment and OEM/2nd Source Spares at a price that will satisfy your reasonable budget in the shortest amount of time. By serving Fabrication, Back-End, ATE, Measurement and Flat-Panel Display sales, procurement, refurbishment/modification/installation/
decommission and licensing with a business philosophy that pursues the real value of its customers, Justin BD&L, Inc. is now offering you cost-effective solutions to maintain a competitive place in the industry.

¢º Selling and Buying Surplus/Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Your Investment Recovery with full ranges of solutions including various financing options.
We are Exclusive Remarketer of Anam Semiconductor, Inc. for its Surplus/used equipment.

¢º­ Refurbishment and Parts/Labor(Tier I, II) Support
Justin BD&L, Inc. is your source of the following FAB/Front-End, Back-End, ATE and Measurement
Equipment/Spares/Technology Solutions :

Quick Tour of Justin BD&L, Inc.'s Facility in Korea
FAB/Front-End Equipment and Spares Solutions
1) Photo Lithography/Scan-Stepper : ASML(On-Site Service Only), Nikon, Canon, and Ultratech
2) Photo Lithography/Aligner : Karl Suss, Canon, Perkin Elmer
3) Photo Track, SOG Coater and Spin Scrubber : TEL and DNS
   Specialized in ¡°TEL Mark II/V/Vz/7/8/ACT8¡± and ¡°DNS 629/60/80 Series and Spin
4) Etch/Asher : AMAT, Lam Research, TEL, Axcelis/Fusion, Gasonics, Hitachi, Tegal, PSC and Steag/Mattson
   Specialized in ¡°Lam Research Rainbow 442X/452X, TCP960X/940X/970X and Alliance A4/A6 Exelan¡±
             ¡°AMAT Centura 5200 DPS, DPS+ Etch¡±, ¡°Gasonics Asher¡± and ¡°Axcelis/Fusion Asher,/UV Bake¡±
           ..¡°TEL TE8500, Unity Series DRM/SCCM¡±
5) Implant : Axcelis/Eaton and Varian
....Specialized in ¡°All Axcelis/Eaton Series¡± and ¡°All Varian Series except Kestrel¡±
6) Diffusion : TEL and Kokusai
....Specialized in ¡°All TEL Series¡± and ¡°All KE/Kokusai Electric Series¡±
7) CVD, Thin Flim, EPI and RTP : AMAT, Novellus, ASM, SVG/WJ, Steag/AST/AG Associates,
....Canon and ASM

....Specialized in ¡°Novellus Concept I/II¡±, ¡°Watkins Johnson 99X, 1XXX¡± and ¡°AMAT Centura 5200¡±
8) Sputter and PVD : AMAT, Varian and MRC
....Specialized in ¡°AMAT Endura 5500¡±, ¡°Varian 3180, 3190, 3280, 3290, M2000, M2i, XM90¡±,
....¡°MRC Eclipse Series¡±

9) CMP : Ebara, AMAT and SpeedFam-IPEC
....Specialized in ¡°Ebara EPO222/222H/FREX200¡±, ¡°AMAT Mirra and Mirra Mesa¡±,
....¡°SpeedFam-IPEC Avanti 472/776¡±

10) Auxiliary Tools
....- Pumps / Chillers : Edwards, Leybold, Alcatel, Ebara / Neslab Chillers and AMAT 0/1 Heat Exchanger
    - Wafer Sorters, Anti Vibration Tables and Mask Stockers, etc.
 - SMIF Integration Solutions
     Specialized in ¡°Asyst SMIF Integration Solutions¡± and ¡°Brooks SMIF Integration Solutions¡±
.....for the tools above

Back-End/Assembly Equipment and Spares Solutions
1) Bonder, Die Attach : K&S, Shinkawa, Dage, Westbond, Hughes, Mech EL, etc.
2) Dicing Saw, Back Grinder : Disco, K&S and Microautomation, Disco and Strasbaugh
ATE/Automatic Test Equipment Solutions
1) Wafer Probe Station : TEL, EG/Electroglas and TSK
2) Memory and Logic Tester : Advantest, Teradyne, Schlumberger, LTX, etc.
Measurement Equipment
Agilent/HP, Tektronix, Fluke, etc.


¢º FAB/Fron-End Establishment, Expansion, and Clearance Project Solutions
Justin BD&L, Inc. offers project solutions in cases where
1) Establishment of New Fabrication Lines,
2) Expansion of Current FAB Capacity and
3) Disposal / manufacturing site clearance
in order to achieve the optimized price.

¢º OEM/2nd Source Spare Parts Solutions
Justin BD&L, Inc. is your source of OEM/2nd Source Spare Parts for your production requirement

¢º­ Asset Valuation
Justin BD&L, Inc. can meet your all valuation purposes such as M&A, Funding,
Insolvency, Internal Analysis, etc.

¢º­ Total Logistics Solutions
Justin BD&L, Inc. has served many customers with the excellent service of
1) Global Forwarding Network with Budgetary Price and Quality Forwarding Service
    - USA, Korea, P.R. China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, U.K/Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy
2) Moving-Out Service
    Decontamination, Decommission, Move-out Rigging, Crating, Local/Overseas Freight Forwarding
    with Export License & Export Customs Clearance
3) Moving-In Service
    Import Customs Clearance, Floor Plan, Uncrating, Move-in Rigging, Tier 0 - Facility/Utility Hook-up
4) Turn-Key Logistics Solutions for FAB/Front-End Establishment, Expansion

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