Justin BD&L, Inc. has developed precious alliances with the industry's leading
knowledge, technology and service organizations to serve solutions that satisfy our customers' technology needs.

Justin BD&L, Inc. maintains wide-ranging relationships with leading companies around
the semiconductor industry to help our customers leverage the best solutions available to reduce both knowledge and technology cost risk.
Through our Alliances, Justin BD&L, Inc. has maintained close relationship with market-
leading vendors to help us understand all of the knowledge and technology options available to address our customers' requirements.

Justin BD&L, Inc.'s alliances are organized into these categories:

Semiconductor Equipment Industry
Semiconductor Surplus/Used Equipment Industry
Semiconductor Refurbishment/Modification/Installation Labor Services
Semiconductor OEM Spare Parts Industry
Semiconductor 2nd Source Spare Pats Industry
Semiconductor Raw Materials Industry
Semiconductor Reclaimed Wafer and Solar Cell Wafer Source

If you are interested in becoming an alliance partner, please contact us.

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